DietPi with UP Board


I am new to the board and am in the process of putting together an HQPlayer NAA setup. I am going to principally run Jussi’s NAA linux image. On the signalyst webite, he recommends the UP Gateway.

It has a Intel Cherry Trail x5-Z8350 SoC in it.

I would love to be able to tinker with DietPi, too as it can be used as a Roon Endpoint AND an HQ Player NAA.

Will DietPi run on the UP Board?

Thank-you in advance.

AFAIK our x86_64 UEFI image should work, but with those Atom boards one cannot be 100% sure. I suggest you just try it out :wink:.

Thanks for your input. I will give this a shot next week and let you know if it works!

hi jts , please how did it end up with the UP board?

It has been a while, but I did get it up and running.