DietPi-VPN - Low speeds

I noticed in qbittorrent that my speeds aren’t going over 3.5MiB/s. They fluctuate at 2.5-3.5. My VPN is Surfshark and I have a rpi 3b+.

On my pc, with also Surfshark and OpenVPN TCP, and using the python script:

  • Download: 98.19 Mbit/s
  • Upload: 27.11 Mbit/s

On my pi, also using the python script, with Surfshark and DietPi-VPN:

  • Download: 22.98 Mbit/s
  • Upload: 21.81 Mbit/s

On my pi, disabling DietPi-VPN:

  • Download: 146.36 Mbit/s
  • Upload: 29.40 Mbit/s

I think DietPi-VPN uses OpenVPN TCP. UDP gives double download, but since TCP on my pi isn’t even close to TCP on my pc, I don’t think that’s relevant for now.
I am not sure what’s wrong here. Before doing a speed test I thought write speed could be the issue but that wasn’t the case, I got 18MiB/s write from DietPi drive manager. Since qbittorrent uses the VPN network interface, I assume this is some OpenVPN issue.

Anyone mind helping a newbie out? :slight_smile:

Well diepi-vpn is not an own implementation of OpenVPN. It is nothing else than a wrapper script around the original OpenVPN software package to give our user a gui. You could easily use OpenVPN without our script and will get same VPN client running.

If I’m not mistaken, protocol TCP or UDP is defined by your client ovpn file. Just have a look inside. Probably at the beginning you will find something like

dev tun
proto udp