dietpi-vpn : failed

Hello all,
after the reboot of my raspy i have to pull the power every now and then so that the booting works. since i still have pivpn it comes to the fact that i always have to restart all services after every(!) reboot. otherwise it refuses any tunnel.

the services also say that the pivpn is set to failed.
dietpi-vpn : failed | Affinity 0-3

I have already switched from systemd controlled to raspy controlled, but nothing worked after that.

everything works fine - except that i have to restart the services.
what am i doing wrong ?


pls can you give some more information an what you are trying to do.

Next to this PiVPN is setting up a VPN server (OpenVPN or WireGuard) while dietpi-vpn is a VPN client feature (OpenVPN based) allowing your to connect a public VPN provider. Both don’t have a real relation.

As well it would be good to know which services are failing.