DietPi v145 - data on an external drive

Hi all,
I did a new fresh install on my oDroid C2 with DietPi Version 145.
Something strange happend, since it doesnt ask me anymore to store the data on an external drive. (USB drive is connected)
If i do the same with v143 it gets no connection because of the “/“ in ftp.debian… (if i got that right on github) but there it asked for setting up a harddrive.
Changed that with v145?

Sincerly Birneklub


Yep, we had a little spring clean, mostly due to the updated and improved dietpi-drive_manager system, however, we also wanted to simplify the 1st run experience by removing those prompts.

Dedicated USB drives can be added at any time by using either dietpi-software (user data location), or dietpi-drive_manager (move user data)

Hm okay good to know!
I liked that it asked to set up a harddrive at first boot