DietPi update hangs

Hello All,

I have version 89 running.

I did a apt-get update and upgrade recently.

Since then DietPi update is not working.

Connection to files is made, reporting new version v90 available
Then get message
'waiting for apt-get update to finish: Please wait…
apt-cache database size:35476 KB
DietPi processing


How can I resolve this ?

DietPi automatically runs apt-get update every 7 days, and, if during installations that require additional apt sources.

Your issue will occur if DietPi is waiting for an apt-get update process to finish. For some reason, your apt-get update process doesnt finish, hence the wait.

Please can you try the following to clean and reset your apt cache:

killall apt-get
apt-get clean
/DietPi/dietpi/dietpi-apt-get_update 2

Please be patient, depending on your network/sd speed etc, this process can take anything from 10seconds to 2+ minutes.

Hey Fourdee,

Thx for quick reply.

Sorry to inform You that the problem persists.

Waited for about 20 minutes. WIFI dongle LED blinked continuously and rapidly all the time.

Aborted with ctrl+C.

Killall apt-get gives me ‘apt-get: no process found’
‘apt-get clean’ displays no errors nor any other message

Only difference is that apt-cache size is now 16 KB.

Afterwards I did a apt-get update, which worked fine.


Hi Seiko,

I’ve updated the code for this script.
Can you please run the following and report result:

wget -O /DietPi/dietpi/dietpi-apt-get_update
killall apt-get &> /dev/null
killall dietpi-apt-get_update &> /dev/null
rm /DietPi/dietpi/.dietpi-apt-get_update
/DietPi/dietpi/dietpi-apt-get_update 1

If after 1-2 minutes there is no change to cache size, please ctrl+c and then the following:

ls -lha /var/cache/apt

Let me know what the result is.

Also, could you send me a DietPi-Bugreport so I can check your settings:


Please post your Reference CODE.

Hello Fourdee,

Your new solution fixed the problem.

After running the script I executed a regular dietpi-update and now system is on v

Thx a lot.

Last line should read

… and now sytem is on v90

Hi Seiko,

Its great to hear your issue is resolved, and, thanks for letting me know the results.

Kind Regards,