dietpi software installation based on docker compose rather than scripts

I have one request to dietpi administrators. As docker & its abilities are influence computer industries very much in these days. Even dietpi bring docker, protainer, docker-compose in his list.

my main idea is like dietpi will polished its software installation method lean towards docker. Like this time dietpi installing software on default Debian via scripts. instead of that if dietpi administrator on high level make roadmap/flowchart of his distribution & fix user folder, user log folder, app config folder etc (as already done). & allot particular port to particular software & make docker-compose file based on his high level imagination. it is much more easy & future proof approach. as in docker side everything is standardized only we need distribution which utilize their ability in our system. like if i want to install core software like docker, docker compose or other tool then dietpi will install via scripts as this time doing, but the softwares like home assistant, mqtt broker, plex, nextcloud etc install through docker-compose. & if I choose those thing the system will generate docker-compose.yml according to my needed software’s. i just copy that compose file & up in my clean default system.

With this approach dietpi administrator having much less work & all softawares independent to internal conflicts & dependencies issues. Also there are hundreds of requested feature in dietpi waiting list like, duckdns, adguard home, reverse proxy etc are already available in standard docker format (ddclient, adguard docker, caddy/swag reverse proxy).

My request is either make docker compose of each program according to dietpi so that whichever software I need I just copy paste that block or system will generate & store that compose file itself.