dietpi-software changes folder ownership

I’m using XU4 and dietpi v 6.22.3. I have moved dietpi-userdata folder to /home/john as all my systems are setup this way.

I have a folder /home/john/camera that’s owner is camera - this folder receives photos from a security camera on another device by an ncftp command.

I reinstalled pihole yesterday and in the process dietpi-software changed ownership of the /home/john/camera folder to dietpi, the result being the photos were not received.

I noticed this before on earlier versions of dietpi. I’m not sure why installing software should change the ownership of an unrelated folder?


DietPi-Software currently does this after every install, jep. This was meant to be a failsafe step as many software titles are installed in dietpi_userdata and/or require access to the contained media/data directories. But I want to change that as well, since it causes more issues than it might solve, especially overrides custom permissions:

Currently best solution is to always use dietpi user or at least group to access dietpi_userdata. Every user inside the dietpi group has R/W access already.

Just not that dietpi_userdata is not an “unrelated” dir in this sense. Custom sub directories indeed should be allowed to have custom permissions without being overwritten, but the base dir requires dietpi:dietpi 775 permissions.

Userdata permissions overwrite has been removed, currently in dev code:

Thanks I’ve been waiting for this fix for a long time :slight_smile: