DietPI running Ethernet and WiFi at the same time, simultaneously ?


Since I like to use DietPI on my Raspberry Pi as basis for PI-Hole, DietPI should be using both Ethernet and WiFi simultaneously.

Both are different networks, so Ethernet is for my main clients and Wifi is for guests only).
But they share the same address range (that’s the behaviour caused by my AsusWRT-Merlin router).

Obviously, DietPI does not like this configuration. It seems that the WiFi configuration always “wins” over the Ethernet configuration… what is rather bad.

How to configure DietPI in a way that I can use Ethernet and WiFi simultaneously?

Thanks for helping me.

As in bridged, or do you want to have act as a AP?

You want both interfaces able to receive data on the same subnet at the same time w/ different IP addresses?

Might be able to do this

or something like this

No, no bridging needed.

What I am looking for is classic multi-homing.

Does DietPI support that or not?

Did I understand correctly, that you want to have the Pi connected to internet via Ethernet and serve as WiFi hotspot for local clients?

Install WiFi hotspot via dietpi-software :sunglasses::
It will enable as well different settings in dietpi-config > Network Adapters, to further configure the hotspot.

And yes, by default (without WiFi hotspot installed), natively DietPi will only allow to enable one network device, while the other will be disabled.

Cool cool…forgot about that…duh!

No. I am looking for a classical multi-homed configuration = more than one network adapter (Ethernet, WiFi etc.) connected to the same network.
One adapter (Ethernet in my case) answers all of my “home network” requests from the Asus Wifi Router, while the other adapter (in my case the WiFi one that is connected to my “guest network”) responds only to clients requests from that separate network.

That is strange… But it explains why my Ethernet connection always was shut down when I connected WiFi.

Why DietPI does enable only one network device - and intentionally disables other network adapters?
And, more importantly: How to change that - since I like to use more than one network device simultaneously?

Is there a way to use more than one wifi adaptor ?
Raspberry pi 3B+ onboard wifi adaptor for internet connection and another wifi adaptor (USB) for hotspot.

i would like to set the onboard wifi to pick up a wireless connection so the hotspot can be a repeater.

MichaIng: Can you please help me with getting that weird “only one network device can be active” problem of DietPI?

Not directly related, but if someone lands here, we have a great tutorial about how to enable Ethernet with WiFi as fallback + WiFi auto-reconnect: