DietPi Release process

How are you building and generating all the images available for download? Would like to add Hyper-V to the list as anyone with a windows machine v8 or higher can use hyper-v and play with DietPi before they even pickup a SBC.

Never tried it but will ARM run in a Virtualbox?

I do know qemu can run it…it can even be used to build arm distros in windows/linux host machines (that is what I’m trying to do…build a stock “orange pi” debian build that can be used to create Dietpi images…but running into trouble getting it to build properly.

Saw this while fiddle futzing and searching for qemu links

We offer VirtualBox and VMware images which run fine on Windows. We thought about providing Hyper-V as well, but it has some really annoying behaviours, blocking CPU virtualization for all other VM software, as long as you have it installed and not manually deactivate some service. This makes image creation really annoying, where you want to create and run all VMs in parallel.

But you can create your own image, following this procedure. It is similar on Hyper-V:
Also AFAIK the VMware image runs on Hyper-V out of the box, or after image conversion. At least worth testing.