DietPi-ramlog and ramdisk fail ( RPI3 :-( )

Hello currently i can NOT boot my dietpi but all the tools are missing from diet-pi :frowning:

I do have a 3A 5V powersupply from meanwell with a cut MicroUSB cable on it.
No i didn’t overclock it! I would like to use it with
MicroSD is a Kingston Industrial 16GB 1U which should be not considered cheap :thinking:

Two Services fail to boot:

Is there any way to repair them in software?

I’ve been having similar problem also recently (Native PC x86-64) on my Z83, latest 6.21.1 version installed. Something is changing/corrupting fstab, so a reboot results in a broken system if fstab is bad. I did a complete re-install yesterday and within an hour after setting everything back up noticed that fstab was changed again after the attached USB drive for my FTP server was unmounted. I saved a backup of fstab just prior, so I overwrote the bad one and then made fstab read-only. Hopefully this temporary fix works until the root cause is found.

Is there a repair method if you don’t have a fstab backup?

can i take the files from someone else and just overwrite mine if the install is standard dietpi on my rbpi3 with xfce? :frowning:

Is it maybe related to this topic:
Dietpi Services not starting

cat /etc/debian_version
returns debian 9.6

Don’t think so, UUIDs will be different on each device.

So i can only reinstall including all my software? aww thats bad my gtk development enviroment with ggc is then broken :frowning:

Use dietpi-drive_manager 4 to re-create the fstab file based on current mounts. I will as well identify and add the correct UUIDs. But as RAMdisk failed to start, I guess the above fails.

But actually the df you posted looks fine.

Lets check:

cat /etc/fstab
systemctl status dietpi-ramdisk
cat /var/tmp/dietpi/logs/dietpi-ramdisk.log

And try the following to manually move DietPi code from disk to RAM:
/boot/dietpi/func/dietpi-ramdisk 0