Dietpi PC version OpenVPN generates the client file wrong


I try to make a strong home server with gigabit lan, so i use a notebook without display, low power usage but stronger than the raspberry. I need a VPN server. I read the description about the openVPN. It says “DietPi will generate the client config file”. Yes my OpenVPN generates the client file, but it is full empty. The program dont generate the keys and etc. Only the first couple rows, but this rows are totally empty

I try to reinstall the dietpi, I try to delete and download the OpenVPN again, but nothing changed. When I try the Dietpi at my raspberry pi3, it works well, generate the whole client file.

Thank you the help!

did you install OpenVPN or PiVPN, PiVPN is a script that installs and configures OpenVPN and then with a simple command generates the clients .ovpn file needed by the client…

It is included in the dietpi-softwaren screen

Thank you, working good!