DIETPI Orange Pi Zero losing WIFI driver?

Latest software. After booting up using hardware ethernet I enabled WIFI - it found my router. I put in password. Rebooted. Could not connect via WIFI so I rebooted again using Ethernet. According to DietPi-Config - WIFI - not found/enabled/disconnected. Attempting to change WIFI settings “No supported WiFi hardware was found”.

Something very wrong there.

Tried again - set the WIFI up - saved, rebooted - again not found - it is not retaining the WIFI settings.

Hi Pete,

There is a known issue with the xradio_wlan driver used on this board failling to start during boot. There is a fix for this, please see below link and copy paste/all:

After applying, reboot system, then setup WiFi again in dietpi-config. This should resolve the issue, if not, please let me know.

I don’t know about the OP, but it worked for me! (yes, my Zero has finally arrived… 3 months after the order!)

i have an orange pi zero that i previously used with DietPi, i just cleaned the sd card and installed DietPi again (that automatically updated to 6.13) but only ethernet is working, even if i put an external wifi it says that the card is there but doesn’t scan for network, any tips?

I wonder if this method might work

pay close attention to Step 4: