DietPi on USB storage to Ram on NUC 64b ??

I use DietPi on my Allo players (sparkly & RPI) like RoonBridge.
Looking at the other uses, I see that it is possible to install it on a classic PC with RoonServer.
Rather than modifying my NUC (dual boot), is it possible to install DietPi & Roon Core on a USB key to boot on it ? :wink:

Yes this should work, as long as you have BIOS/UEFI USB support enabled and no conflicting boot partition on the internal drive, since the DietPi image comes with grub bootloader already. Although… e.g. Windows MBR should be able as well to allow boot from USB stick.

If it’s a UEFI-capable machine, our image comes as Clonezilla-based installer which should allow selection of attached USB stick as well to install DietPi on. But I am not sure what happens to internal drive EFI partition to be true. Possibly the EFI is overwritten with Debian grub then, which then hopefully has internal OS still in the list to boot.