Dietpi on mobile

Hello I’ve been playing around with dietpi for some time now.
I’m not a programmer or anything fancy but I like to play around with dietpi.
I have a raspberry pi with nextcloud, that I use as a local server, but I have been wondering…
Is it possible to install dietpi on a smartphone (android device) and use it as a portable mini-server.
I have some old smartphones that I don’t really use that much, but by adding a microSD I could turn them into portable mini-servers / storage devices.

Is this possible or am I looking for the impossible?

that’s impossible I guess. DietPi is based on Debian images and you would need to get a Debian running on your mobile. Furthermore, I doubt a mobile will boot from a SD card at all.

I doubt a mobile will boot from a SD card at all

I know that LineageOS and /e/ can boot from a microSD card. But they are based on android…

DietPi is not an own OS. It’s a set of scripts on top of Debian images. Mean, you strictly need a Debian based system like plain Debian, Raspberry OS or Armbian.