DietPi on KVM-Qemu can't install, image is too small


I am trying to install dietpi.img as a VM in a virt KVM-QEMU setup.

I can get the image to boot, but it doesn’t have enough space to install anything, the VM sees only exactly the size of the image. I used the qemu tool to increase the .img size, but the dietpi install doesn’t “See” the extra 20GB I added to the .img file. I think I need to use fdisk with the image booted or something


To use DietPi in KVM-Qemu, you first download the DietPi .img file. You then open a terminal and increase its size to whatever you want with the command:

qemu-img resize -f raw /path/to/dietpi.img 20G

replace the 20G with whatever size you want the image to have.

After this resize, you open up virt-manager, click on make new VM, select the import existing image and select you new, giant file.