DietPi on Distrowatch

Now it’s only a small mention on this weeks newsletter (and you need eyes like an outhouse rat to see it) but it’s there.

Now Distrowatch is a goto place for *Nix and even non-*nix distros - pretty much anything that’s not Windows. There are a few Pi distros up there but if you go down the list you’ll find they’re all very similar. The same critique can be levelled at most of the GNU+Linux distros which, by and large, seem to be virtual clones of each other branched from a very small original base.

DietPi is different. You know it, I know it - we all know it and because Daniel has put so much time into delivering this most excellent distro for our little SBCs, I think the least we can do is stop by and upvote it to get it on the main list.

C’mon guys, throw the man a like (better still, chuck a like AND him some beer money!)

Thanks marcdraco, really appreciate that :slight_smile:

C’mon guys, throw the man a like (better still, chuck a like AND him some beer money!)

Rumor has it, i enjoy a “Yeni Raki” + “Sprite” now and then :wink: :wink:

I voted (twice) :wink:

Good man!

I’m sending you a another virtual pint later today Fordee mate - and you don’t need to thank us, we owe you for this amazing work. It literally is my daily driver for the several servers I run at home. This is purely for practical reasons of course, it’s quite capable of running everything I need on a single Pi 3 but I love to amaze my friends with all this goodness.

I’m donating my older Model B (256Mb!) to my friend later this year when I go to see him so he can PiHole his adverts.

Who would have thought that such a modest little machine could be so incredibly useful!? I think it’s a shame the Pi Zero is so limited. Pretty much anything I do requires several USB cables hanging off it and that looks a mess. (Mutter, chunter, grumble.)

I know PiHole is a separate project but with DietPi it’s enough to make a PiZero into a PiHole appliance with the minimum of effort and that alone is enough to justify it to me. :smiley: :smiley: :smiley: :smiley: :smiley: