dietpi / odroid c2 .. no plexmedia server option

Hey everyone. New to Odroid C2 and dietpi. I was going through available software and noticed that plexmedia server is a added version in build 119 however when i try to find it in dietpi-software it is not listed. Only kodi and a few others. Am I doing something wrong here?

Hi Repomanz,

Plex do not provide a ARM64 Plex Media server binary at this time.

Also, as Plex Media server is not “opensource” (Plex Server source? - Development - Plex Forum), we have no way of compiling Plex Media server for ARM64 boards (C2/Pine64).
Plex will either need to release a pre-compiled linux binary for ARM64, or, release the sourcecode for compiling, before we can add it into dietpi-software.

Yep, i know, it sucks :frowning: