Dietpi/ nvme/ rockpi4b?

Hi, I would like to know if Dietpi can be run from nvme on rockpi4b, has anyone tried and succeeded?

At least eMMC works fine and I don’t know any reason why it should not with an nvme drive. Simply try it out, at best flash the image directly to the eMMC via adapter.

Hi. Thanks for answering. I don’t have eMMc on my board. I have uSD and nvme. The last time I tried to boot from uSD I couldn’t.

Hmm, that is strange, as it booted fine from SDcard for others. So you mean you have an external/USB drive? I am not sure if the ROCK Pi 4 bootloader currently boots from USB as well by default, at least you need to assure then that it has a dedicated PSU.

Hello, sorry for the delay in responding. I have managed to boot with Dietpi, from nvme, with a multiboot image. In the same image I have several operating systems, such as Armbian, Debian, Manjaro and Dietpi. To test each of them, I select the boot option with parted.
So far so good, Dietpi starts, but gets stuck when I enter username and password, because he cannot connect to the wifi. (At this time I do not have access to ethernet). That way, I can’t go beyond that point, because the initial setup needs connection. I checked and the proper settings of dietpi.txt and dietpiwifi.txt are activated
Is there something that is happening to me, or something that I should try to connect to the wifi? Thank you
P.S. I forgot to tell you that with Armbian it connects to Wi-Fi, while the Manjaro distribution has drawbacks, but that is clarified on the creator’s page, and Manjaro also amazed me because the distribution offers an extremely robust image, the same as the one for PC , but it is a little slow, and I am looking for speed. So I would like to try some desktop with Dietpi.