Dietpi not booting on Raspberry 3 Model B V1.2

Hello Community,
I own a Raspberry 3 Model B V1.2 and try to get “DietPi_v109_RPi-(Jessie)” to boot on it.
I used several SD’s an old 1GB card class <=4,
and San Disk 16GB HC, SanDisk 16GB HC1, but the Raspberry will not boot.
If I use Raspian-images on the same cards, everything works fine.

Using the dietpi image on a Raspberry 2 Model V1.1 is sucessful, the machine boots.

Has someone an idea what to do ? Could someone confirm this behaviour on
Raspberry 3 Model B V1.2?

Thanks in advance Walter

Hi Walter,

v109 is a very outdated image.

Can you please try:

Let me know the results.
If its still failing to boot, can you please try writing the official Raspbian Lite image? This will help us determine if this is a DietPi specific issue or a possible hardware failure.

Hello Fourdee,
thanks for the help, the problem was

the most recent DietPi image

as the downloads (zip) is not clearly named they’re named DietPi_RPi-arm6-(Jessie), I didn’t use the most recent, I used the old v109 (even that I thought I’d write the new one). After writing the actual image everything works as supposed.
— Banging my head on the table —

Thanks again, Walter

Hi Walter,

No worries, although, i feel sorry for the table, hopefully its still in one peice? :slight_smile: