Dietpi migration from Raspberry to NUC

I have one question, this time my raspberry-2 working with dietpi & I want to migrate to NUC, so my question is how can I bring my working system from raspberry to nuc.
If I run “dietpi-backup” command in raspberry & save that backup file.
After that install dietpi compatible new image on my nuc & then restore my system from “dietpi-backup -1” command or any other procedure to adopt??

i do not want to make iso image for card by removing it from raspberry pi as it may be potentially damage my SD card.

I want genetic check point of all my system running on my raspberry pi (software installed from dietpi software or manually) & install that checkpoint image on different type machine (may be NUC. orange pi, cloud VM etc)

Genetic linux command are good for me like “sudo dd bs=4M if=/dev/sdb of=raspbian.img” but the trouble is my raspberry-2 booting through USB HDD, so some portion in sd card & then USB HDD. also HDD is of 1TB. i donot want to make image of 1TB drive. any working solution for this scenario, thanks in advance

This won’t work, the hardware is different. You’ll have to start afresh but config files for some programs such as samba and lighttpd for example can be copied over and should work.