DietPi Matrix Chat

So I know that there is this forum (duh) for questions to be asked, but is there some kind of real-time chat available for dietpi? If not, I suggest creating a matrix-space. This would make chatting and troubleshooting way faster and easier.

we don’t have a chat and don’t plan to setup one. Why? Because we a very small group of people working on a small open source project. Setting up a chat tool would not speed up anything as we can’t guarantee the availability of someone inside the chat. You would have same reaction time as on our forum.

Well, for me personally, I keep my chat-client running in the background most of the time, and I am sure that there would be other people too that are not part of the core team that would answer questions.

We thought it already in the past. But it’s same as on facebook (which is not handy for investigations). Thinks like sharing full logs and/or code sections is easier on our forum or GitHub.