DietPi install not working

I downloaded the image from dietpi to use in my SBC.

But I have a need, I need to install a library called python-smbus

or python-smbus2

And I don’t know where to install it because pip doesn’t work.

What is the way to install packages on this dietPi system?

same as on other Debian systems.

What exactly is not working? For further support, you need to share more details (e.g. an error message or log)

Did you simply try

pip install smbus2

Just in case: Python 3 and pip can be installed via:

dietpi-software install 130

Tanks, I solved. This PIP is not installed for default

Of course Python is not installed by default. That’s why DietPi is a diet Debian version :slight_smile: as we don’t have any software package pre-installed. Required software titles needs to be installed from software catalogue or manually.

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