DietPi for Sparky (Allo)


I’ve seen that support for Sparky is beta, with disabled GPU features. I guess this means all desktop environments, and Kodi are not available… Kodi is not even enabled as an installable software option.

Do you guys have plans to add complete support for this SBC in the near future?.. Kodi, at least?



As this is a completely new SBC to market with its focus on high-end audio usage, we decided to put GPU implementation on hold for now.

If we get more requests/interest for GPU support on Sparky, i’ll get it added in. Its mostly a time thing, not enough to go around :frowning:

It’d be great if you guys had the time… desktop environment works out of the box with their VANA player image, so I guess support on DietPi shouldn’t be a huge issue, but of course, you know best.

Thanks for the great job are doing!