DietPi for a remote server

Yeah, am still evaluating. I still have a few months before I really need to decide and set things up. Security and convenience are both a big deal. So far, it’s a toss-up for me.

Here’s another idea to manage a remote server: set up a dedicated RasPi w/ DietPi and WireGuard, but instead of making it a WG server, I’m going to set it up as a client of the WG server setup in my own house. That means this RasPi will be connecting outward through that remote location’s router, but it will appear as a node inside my own LAN. From here, I can then SSH into it and do stuff as if I’m inside that remote setup. No need for punching holes in the remote router - all it needs is a RasPi which is set up to act as WG client as soon as it is powered up.

The nice thing is that I can test this even inside my own LAN - and once it works, simply send the RasPi over and plug it into that remote setup, using that remote’s DHCP to get an IP address. IOW, it’s basically a spy box … powered on remotely when my support is needed.