DietPi Does Not Boot to Desktop

Hello everybody,
I’m using an Orange Pi Plus 2E, with DietPi Orange Pi Plus image on a 16Gb SD card. I followed the directions at , and selected to install XFCE. I set the Autostart to option ‘2’ (Desktop with Auto-login). After installation and reboot, the device goes straight to console. I tried rebooting several times and confirming the autostart settings. What am I missing here?


I should say, it does come up when I execute startx. Just doesn’t autostart or give any errors.


Might be the same issue as

That sounds like it. What’s the best way for me to get you a pertinent log?

By the way, congrats on the new baby! And thanks for all the hard work, I’m definitely donating to the effort. I’ve been around the block on Pi OSs, and this is the most direct/flexible option out there. By a long shot, in my opinion.


I did get this setup for testing today, but baby wasn’t having it lol. Will try and take a look at this tomorrow :slight_smile:

Looks like I can confirm that the issue exists across environments. LXDE, MATE, and XFCE exhibit exactly the same behavior on clean installs. Other installed software does not seem to have any impact.


Fixed in the next update v155. Can be patched now with the following:

Moist excellent! Working here as well on XCFE. Thou art the man!

could the command


have been added to /etc/rc.local?

I have a same issue when I add my custom user. (Not root)
But I could solve that question only some step.

I will give you some tips.

Check /home/YourName/.local/share/xorg/Xorg.3.log
(EE) is Error.
I got error like “[ 4343.663] (EE) open /dev/fb0: Permission denied”
/dev/fb0’s group is video, so run

sudo usermod -aG video yourname

to add youuser could access /dev/fb0.
or if you could not solve

sudo usermod -aG tty,sudo yourname

And re-login or reboot, the change will appear!

I hope you could solve your issue!

This issue exist now for a long time. The problem and the fix is simple:
User “dietpi” must be in the group “video”.

usermod -a -G video dietpi

I have to do this every time when setting up a new Pi, so please fix it :wink:

Thank you TamaTamaGoGo :smiley:
Not being able to run the desktop is a user is major issue and such a minor/easy fix.
I was going to give up on DietPi and go back to Rasbian until I found this post.

I would have thought it could be easily addressed.

before giving up, you always welcome to raise your question on GitHub or this board.

Regarding the challenge to start a desktop as non-Root user. This is known and might change on a future version