DietPi-Dashboard Multi Node Config

I’ve looked around on the docs and the forum, however, I can’t seem to find what you have to put in the config.toml to have a backend only node of DietPi-Dashboard show up on another frontend.

Can anyone provide me with an example or template for that?

The example is basically inside the configuration file of the frontend server

nodes = ["","","","",""]

awesome! Thank you!

Hi, it will be great to add that info in Dietpi docs.

basically it is already

I don’t see there that entry:
nodes = ["","","","",""]

It’s at the lines 27 to 31:

# - Default: []
# Please insert the IP addresses/domains and ports of these nodes
# For example: ["", ""]
#nodes = []

OK, it’s look like I have some different config file.

dietpi@DietPi:~$ sudo cat /opt/dietpi-dashboard/config.toml 
# TCP network port
port = 8088

tls = false
cert = "/path/to/cert"
key = "/path/to/key"

Hmm you should try to update the dashboard

dietpi-software reinstall 200
systemctl restart dietpi-dashboard

This is the current config file:

Should be nightly or stable?

You can go with stable.

But might be configuration file will not be overwritten

The same on stable after reinstall.

You can just add the lines you need, for example:
nodes = [""]

as stated above, config file will not be overwritten. Your config is quite an old one because you are still using port 8088 while we use 5252 since a while

OK, I will do that.
Thanks for help.

better to replace whole config with current one.

Where I can download new config? Or just delete and reinstall?

# Log level

# - Options: "off", "error", "warn", "info", "debug", "trace"

# - Default: "info"

#log_level = "info"

# TCP network port

# - Default: 5252

#port = 5252


# - Default: false

#tls = false

#cert = "/path/to/cert"

#key = "/path/to/key"

# Password protection

# - Default: false

#pass = false

# To get hash: "echo -n '<PASSWORD>' sha512sum"

#hash = "SHA512 hash of password"

# To get random secret: "openssl rand -hex 32"

#secret = "64-character secret"

# Token expiry time in seconds

# - Default: 3600

#expiry = 3600

# Other nodes viewable on frontend page

# - Default: []

# Please insert the IP addresses/domains and ports of these nodes

# For example: ["", ""]

#nodes = []

# User to login to on the terminal

# Use "manual" to show a login prompt instead of auto-login

# - Default: "root"

#terminal_user = "root"

# Check for updates

# This will do 1 GitHub API call per day

# - Default: true

#update_check = true

# Preferred temperature unit

# - Options: fahrenheit, celsius

# - Default: "celsius"

#temp_unit = "celsius"

Thank You very much.