DietPi Config/Setup - Question


I am trying to work out how I need to build my system. I have listed my hardware below, and my intention is to have NextCloud and Plex.

Hardware -
1 x Asus Tinker Board
1 x 64GB SDcard (DietPi)

My main concern at the moment is how I can use both HDDs and show as 1 drive, so NextCloud can use all 2 TB? I would really appreciate any advice on this.


You can Create a software raid for the two 1tb drives . Note that raid0 if one of the drives die, all your data is gone.
Then move Nextcloud data folder to the created raid. It’s quite simple. Just make sure ownership and permissions are set correctly for the data folder …

Personally I don’t like to use raid. I prefer to format / mount drives independently, create a folder dedicated to Nextcloud on the disks I want to use as Nextcloud storage, set the right permissions, and use those folders as externa storage- local storage in Nextcloud.

Word of advice. If your uploading , downloading or synching tons of data to Nextcloud using a Tinkerboard use Nginx instead of Apache (never tried lighthttpd) Apache can get Very cpu demanding with stuff like nextcloud and make the tinkerboard hot as hell.

Hi, many thanks for the reply.

Reading between the lines of what you are saying there, I could mount the drives individually and NextCloud would still be able to store data on both?

I have not used NextCloud before, so not sure I how or where I would configure it to store files across multiple HDDs?


Yes , nextcloud can store data in diferent drives / folders.
You just have to enable External storage plugin in Nextcloud and then choose Local, specify the disk / folder path you want to use and that’s it.
Oh don’t forget to change ownership to www-data:www-data or you won’t be able write to them.