Dietpi-cloudshell remotely


I have now two pi running dietpi:

  • one with a little screen (raspberry pi 2)
  • one without screen (raspberry pi 3)

I want to display dietpi-cloudshell on the raspberry pi 2 screen but with data from the raspberry pi 3.

I have a few ideas:

  • fbgrab to capture the screen (useless, there is no screen attached to the raspberry pi 3)
  • fbi to display a picture on the raspberry pi 2 (useless, there is no image grabbed…

Any idea how I could proceed? :slight_smile:

DietPi-Cloudshell can be run in a terminal, and over SSH.

Open a terminal on the RPi 2 and SSH into the RPi 3.
Once done, on the RPi 2 ter,inal SSH, you can run dietpi-cloudshell , select “Output Display > Current screen or terminal” then click start.

If you run LXDE/Desktop on the RPi 2, you should be able to fullscreen the terminal and change the font size as needed.

Image below is from a windows SSH viewing XU4, basically same effect.

Thanks, that was quite easy :smiley:
But this way, I have to plug my keyboard and ssh from the pi2, and then run “dietpi-cloudshell”. Is there a way to do this at boot?

I tried, with crontab:

@reboot /usr/bin/ssh root@ "/DietPi/dietpi/dietpi-cloudshell 2"

But it seems to run dietpi-cloudshell locally… :question:

it’s working with

@reboot /usr/bin/ssh root@ "/DietPi/dietpi/dietpi-cloudshell 2" > /dev/tty1

Excellent! :slight_smile: