Dietpi C2 unreachable


I’ve got a recent install of Dietpi latest version on an Odroid C2 and whilest everything seems so work fine, after a few hours of running, my Dietpi becomes unavailable. It responds to pings but I am unable to connect through ssh or to any running application (Medusa, Plex, Transmission, samba share). I reboot it by unplugging the power supply and it works again fine for some time (less than 24hrs).
I am unsure how to debug this. Could any of you point in directions ? how to enable logs that can lead me to the issue even after reboot?


Thanks for taking time to reply anitakate, however my C2 is connected to the network with an ethernet cable, not wifi.

The debug, please check: dmesg
Search for errors (red colour) or voltage/power warnings. As well full RAM can be a reason.

Another possibility to provide even more logs: mkdir /var/log/journal
This enables boot persistent systemd-journald logging. So after the system broke and you rebooted by pulling the power plug, you can check: journalctl
There you see as well logs from before the system crash that might give a hint.

Thanks! Will do that and report later.

I replaced my old SD card with a new one and now I haven’t had a problem. It must have been corrupted.