DietPi-Backup locking you out over VPN

I was using OpenVPN to connect to my Pi3 to make a backup in preparation for the 6.2 upgrade.
However after running Dietpi-Backup I lost contact with the Pi3. OpenVPN, as well as Apache2, dnsmasq etc. all stopped working as well.

It turns out that when you run Dietpi-Backup manually, it shuts down all processes, then performs the backup, and then displays a message saying the backup was successful. Only after you select “OK” does it restart all the processes again, but how can you do that when you’re “dialing in” via OpenVPN, and the OpenVPN service is shut down?

The same error could also happen if for some reason you lost the SSH connection (accidentally closed the window or whatever) while the backup was running, making it impossible to acknowledge the message.

What if you’re away from home and need OpenVPN to gain access to your home network?

My suggestions:

  1. Have a timer on the “Backup successful” message so that if you don’t acknowledge it, it goes away eventually and all the services restart
  2. Restart the services first, then display the “Backup successful” message.


Thanks for the report/suggestions.

OpenVPN service is no longer controlled by DietPi in v6.2. Once updated, you should not experience loss of OpenVPN connection through DietPi scripts.