DietPi Backup: Formatting USB Flash Drive & Backup

I’d like to automate a backup DietPi (Bullseye), and could use some help:

  1. I purchased a USB flash drive. How do I reformat this to ext4 format in DietPi? (this is where I’m the most stuck - I’m a Windows user by default).

After that, my assumptions (based on what I’ve read):

  1. Mount the drive with dietpi-drive_manager?

  2. Run dietpi-backup?

  3. If I need to restore the backup, I can do it in my existing installation or with a fresh install?

Thanks for the help!

  1. You can use drive manager
  2. Should be done automatically after formatting to ext4
  3. Correct
  4. Bother ways are possible
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Besides dietpi-drive_manager, the command lsblk helps to get a first overview about the names of your disc devices. This might help to verify that you format the right device via the drive manager.

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Got it all setup and working. Thank you very much for the help.