Dietpi-Backup - Changing the folder name used on the remote site - defaults to "Dietpi-Backup"

While using Dietpi-Backup I noticed that it always saves it’s backup to the folder “Dietpi-Backup” - I was planning on using the service to save to a remote NAS - and backup multiple machines - in one shared golder I wanted multiple folders for each PI - in this case is there an easy way to change the SAVE TO folder that the service uses - it lets you choose folders and I guess I could mount different NFS shares, but that kind of defeats the purpose.

Thanks for your help!

Opening dietpi-backup will allow to specify a target backup folder. This way you could choose your NAS mount point and give an additional name as sub folder like /mnt/NAS/device-1 aso

Appreciate that and yes - that is an option - really confirming it can’t be renamed via Dietpi

You can specify the target folder. Each device neeeds an own individual target folder. The final name of the backup will be same.