DietPi and vmware webgui

Hello everyone, I have officially installed dietpi on my raspberrypi3 and am loving it so far.

I do have one question that i’m not sure how to find the answer for. To explain a little, I like to separate my homelab from my other (gaming) usage and so I use my raspberry pi to connect to my server. On this server I run esxi 6.5 and have always been able to connect and login using other distros. For whatever reason I can connect, but not login. It tells me my username/password is incorrect but both are very simple (root/verylowcharacterpassword) as this has no connection to the internet.

I know this sounds kind of dumb but I have no idea how this is an issue or how to resolve it. I have tried another keyboard which I normally use on my desktop and can use it to login without issue. Any ideas of what is going on?

Thank you for reading! Any help would be greatly appreciated.