Dietpi and file permissions

Hi everyone, I think some time ago I did some chown -R changes which broke some services starting. I went through the github software installation and re ran the chmod codes for various dietpi software, e.g. qbitorrent, sonarr, radarr etc. Everything is working again. However, just wondering if I really want to make sure everything is 100% stable should I just do a dietpi-software reinstall Will that overwrite any existing settings/config i’ve made is it like a repair or is it a complete reinstall as mentioned? Everything works currently and it’s been fine but the past couple days communication between qbittorrent and sonarr is a bit clunky whereby the downloads finished and sonarr is frozen thinking the download is still e.g. 37.8% completed.

I also run rpi-monitor but lately I also see that swapfile never really seems to get accessed at all? Considering I leave this pi on 24/7 I used to see it access quite a lot of swapfile from time to time. Wondering if that can cause part of the slowdowns too. Thanks.

I have way too much config that I really can’t be bothered currently to blow away my system and start again, particularly when it works currently. Thanks again.


you simply can perform a dietpi-backup and run the re-installation. If the re-installation is not working or causing other issues, you could restore the system from your backup.

Only problem I am really facing at the moment is that torrents finish in qbitorrent but it is not reflected in sonarr. It says 0:00 time remaining and although it is finished and seeding it never actually finishes sometimes and imports the episode. Any ideas?? Doing my head in.

Bump. Any ideas on this one? Not sure if it is a sonarr/qbit issue.Doesn’t happen all the time but sometimes it just gets hung up although the torrent has finished.