Diet v8.17 on rock pi 5b NO SOUND

Creating a bug report/issue

diet v8.17 installed on rock pi 5b

other programs installed Kodi & chrome nothing else

no sound working as found out sound is not activated upon a fresh install one has to active the sound driver re per photo below
hw:3_0 : rockchip es8316 fe470000. 12s-E58316 HiFi Es8316

then checked into the alsa output info
access mmap interleaved
format: s24 le
subformat: std
rate: 48000 (48000/1)
period size: 1024
buffersize : 4096

still no sound from home YouTube speaker icon on browser on

noticed the taskbar on the top xfce desktop speaker icon with an x as picture below

I noticed pulse audio in the menu bar linked to the vol icon in the task bar cant establish connection
I noticed this thread would this work for a rock pi 5b arm 64

I am pretty stuck with this noticed Kodi was from detain on this version on the previous dietpi version
I had no probs with the sound after doing what was instructed

yours faithfully
Stephen (DAX)

@MichaIng can you have a look pls.


why is pulse audio sort of installed or half installed I have unticked everything in the window and shut it down as much as I can in the task bar if in another post diet pi thare are confections with ALSA and PULSE and it is bundled within the install

but it is not noted in diet software under the installed list strange tried to purge it said it wasn’t installed