DHCP -> Static = no more connection


I have a fresh install of DietP V7.5.2. Headless
I changed the network settings from DHCP to static from dietpi-config and I lost connection.
I manually edited config.txt to try to set it back to dhcp and while it marginally succeed in connecting back to my network, it is so slow responding that I can’t do anything.

Any Idea ???


Are the settings that you used correct? Could you provide them here to double check?
Regarding the speed degradation, are you certain that the IP is not used by any other device?


settings in dietpi.txt should not have any effect as these are AUTO_SETUP values. Means, these are DietPi-Automation settings, applied on first boot of DietPi only, ONCE!

If you like you change settings manually, you would need to edit /etc/network/interfaces