DEMO to check forum migration

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Doing some test in preparation to migrate our forum to a new platform.

I hope it will be Discourse! :smiley:

Basically we are looking into 2 options.

  1. Discourse
  2. Flarum

Iโ€™m hosting a demo version of Discourse on my RPI4B and a first simple database migration was working fine. At least all topics and users has been migrated. Next I will test incremental migration together with attachments and avatar. And of course how to map our emojis :slight_smile:. Still a question is on password migration. There we are not sure if we should do it or simply ask user to create new password.

In parallel MichaIng is testing the same on Flarum.

Nice!! Good news!

BBCode testing


a word inside a line

more words on a line

more words
on more lines
to have something
to test