Default wireguard encryption?

Hi at all,

what is the Default Security in wireguard (dietpi)?
AES 256bit encryption?

I am wondering because my Pi 2B is roughly managing 50 Mbits jnstead of its Ethernet Speed.

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Wireguard is installed from Debian apt packages as is. There is nothing special or changed. It’s the standard software as provided by WireGuard developer.

cpu utilization is around 20% when benchmarking wireguard through ookla speedtest.
why isn’t it used to the max? the Pi could do better, I guess.

depends on the upload speed of your internet connection

should be 100mbit/s (sdsl). but I only get 38 mbit/s when outside. inside it is 55 mbit/s through wireguard and 100 mbit without. cpu is not nearly maxed out.

You need to also take in consideration the speed degradation when your traffic goes through vpn.
It would be safer to test Wireguard between two devices in the same lan with iperf.