Cuberite on Odroid C2

Hello! :slight_smile:

My new Odroid C2 with DietPi up and running.

I want to install Cuberite to host a Minecraft server, but it’s not in the DietPi-Software optimized list. On my other device running DietPi it is there, but it has much lower specs, so that’s why i want to try and check how the server runs on the Odroid C2.

Is there any particular reason it’s not in there? Could you add it please? :slight_smile:



root@Odroid-C2-Stretch:~# dietpi-software list | grep cub
id 52 | =0 | cuberite: minecraft server with web interface (c++) | disabled for g_hw_arch |

Cuberite support only armhf so it is limited to Raspberrys …

You can try to compile it for you plattform:

I compiled it and it works great!

Thanks for your reply!