I’d love to see the CraftBeerPI, added. It’s the Raspberry PI based home brewing software. It controls the gpio pins, uses 1 wire sensors, etc. :mrgreen:

I’d also like to see this. I haven’t tried installing it via github yet. I’ll post here when I do.

I followed the install script here and it installed like a champ. No issues yet.
I’ll test it out with my full setup soon .

First you’ll need to install git. Its simple just use this code.

sudo apt-get install git

Then clone the craftbeerpi poject with this code:

git clone

Change directory to where the install file is

cd craftbeerpi

run the install shell script. with this.

sudo ./

I tried it on a Pi version 1 and b+ and it worked. I also used it with Lighttpd, MariaDB, PHP phpmyadmin install… no seen conflicts yet. Still testing though.