CPU temp

is there an option to monitor the CPU temperature under Webmin.
next to my plex server I would like to run motioneye but I don’t know if the CPU can handle it
system is a Odroid HC1


many thanks for your message. Probably best to ask this question on a Webmin board because DietPi is not creating the software. We are using it as provided. I just googled around and found this link below. Maybe it helps.


no succes overthere…
same question never been answered
Alternative in the Stats Software department ?

Maybe you can have a look to Netdata. I found a guide for Odroid XU4. But I’m not sure if it fits to your HC1. Unfortunately I don’t have a Odroid device to check and verify.


The main webmin repository and bug tracker are btw on GitHub: https://github.com/webmin/webmin
But I also have an issue open with no reaction for a year: https://github.com/webmin/webmin/issues/1074
Like on DietPi, there are much more ideas and requests then coders/time to implement. Best is to dig into the code oneself and do a commit/PR if possible :wink:.