Could someone please help me figure out Avahi?

Hi All,

Having an issue with avahi-daemon on DietPi. In dietpi.txt, I configured it so that on first-boot it auto-installs avahi-daemon. This is extremely useful because it means, for a headless setup, I can leave my Pi plugged in, and once the DietPi automated install is done, I can ssh into my pi using ssh dietpi@hostname. I’ve used this method on two Pi’s and can confirm it works very, very well. So for context, because I’ll refer to them, I’m running both a 3B+ and a Zero 2 on DietPi with avahi-daemon. I also have a Raspberry Pi 4 running Raspberry Pi OS Lite

So, from my Windows PC or my Raspberry Pi 4, I can do ssh dietpi@rpi0w2 (Zero 2) or @dpi-3b-2 (Pi3B+) and I can get on without any issues. Tools like ping work too, it can successfully resolve the hostname.

But, from the Zero 2 I can’t ping the 3B+ and from the 3B+ I can’t ping the Zero 2. I have no idea how avahi works, and I just screwed up my Zero 2 installation so reinstalling now.

Would appreciate ANY help in fixing this issue - happy to provide configs as needed. Just let me know.

Thanks in advance you amazing people :wink: