core temp meter for htop

Found this…might be a new way to implement “cpu” to see temps…any developers want to take a stab at it…maybe make it a permanent addon in later revisions for dietpi?

Great, thanks for this :thumbs up:!
I will do PR for implementation this evening.

Looks great, but compared to stock htop:

Additional dependencies:
– python - You need it for a script used by htop to generates header-files
– lm_sensors - I use the sensors tool to get the temperatures.

Quote from RPi user

I did a quick look on my raspi2 - There is a sensor (/sys/class/thermal/thermal_zone0).
I would say the problem is the sensor tool. But to be honest: The real problem ist the patch > :wink: > - It would be better to read the temp-files inside the thermal-directories instead of using a third-party tool, but had no time to rewrite the code yet.

So either you try to make sensors work, or you need to implement the file-method (and share it with us > :slight_smile: > )

Our program does this without any of pre-reqs (simply /sys/class/thermal/*)


Would be a great addition, but I can see this will need alot more work in the htop code, to support all devices we offer. Maybe best leave this for user to try, leaving it outside of DietPi for now?

Ah yes sorry didn’t have a closer look. If extra packages are necessary (especially larger ones), then I also vote ageist it for now. I will have a rough look in how hard it would be to implement the way easier method we use with our cpu command. Add new output line to htop and update it together with e.g. cpu usage. But I am afraid this would be quite some work and research.