Clicking Eject on USB Device is giving error on LXQT Desktop

Creating a bug report/issue

Distro Version : bullseye
Kernel Version : Linux DietPi 5.10.0-15-amd64 #1 SMP Debian 5.10.120-1 (2022-06-09) x86_64 GNU/Linux
SBC Model : Native PC (x86_64)

Software Title : LXQT Desktop PCManFM-Qt File Manager
Software was installed using dietpi-software
Issue is reproduced everytime

Steps to Reproduce :

  1. Insert a USB Pendrive.
  2. Open PCManFM-Qt File Manager
  3. Click on USB Device from left side list of Devices to mount the device.
  4. Now Right Click on the USB Device and click on “Eject”

Expected Behaviour : Clicking on Eject should successfully Eject the USB Drive

Actual Behaviour : After clicking Eject getting error dialog as

“Error ejecting /dev/sdb: Error spawning command-line `eject ‘/dev/sdb’': Failed to execute child process “eject” (No such file or directory) (g-exec-error-quark, 8)”


Seems like eject is not installed? Can be fixed with:

sudo apt install eject

maybe another package to be added to the install script?

Yes. This helped. After installing the error is not coming. Thank you :smiley:

sudo apt install eject

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