Chromium on DietPi = No Sync ("This Browser is not Secure")


I am attempting to log in and sync my Google profile via the 64bit version of DietPi on a Raspberry Pi 4B (4GB), however I am receiving an error when trying to log into my Google Account: “This Browser is not Secure”.

After searching around the Diet Pi Forums, I found this thread, but very little information was available (via the link to Google Support).

I checked the Chromium files present within /etc/chromium.d/ and /etc/chromium/ and found that some of the CHROMIUM_FLAGS are the primary issue, however after much trial and error I still was unable to find a solution that would allow me to log in. I believe the issue stems from the --temp-profile flag, but again (due to my limited knowledge on Chromium Flags) I was not able to find a viable option to allow profile log-in and sync.

Has anyone else run into this issue and/or found a solution for this?

Edit: As a side note, my goal here is to use a Raspberry Pi 4B to host one Chrome (Chromium) instance so that I can use one of (many) computers within my home to VNC into as a central browser. I have many computers that I use throughout the course of a day and I hate the way Chrome/Chromium doesn’t sync sessions - so I’d like to have one computer (the RPi 4B) as my main browser with many tabs open that can be accessed from many computers via VNC.

DietPi is installing Chromium from global apt repository and it is not a DietPi own software. As you already fond this is a global issue using Chromium on Linux and I don’t think we could do a anything on it. I guess similar might happen if you would use plain raspberry os. Workaround would be using Firefox.

Well, I don’t think that’s true since removing some of the CHROMIUM_FLAGS allows to me login…

I can’t get RPi OS to use it is because its 32bit… Per Google’s service pages, only 64bit OS’s can login and sync.

Raspberry OS is available on 64bit as well, because we us it for our 64bit version

Mind. Blown.

My initial reaction to downloading Rasp Pi OS is to use the Raspberry Pi Imager which only has 32bit available, but I do now recall that Rasp Pi OS 64bit is available through their development channels here. Thanks for making that connection for me! I’ll give it a shot…

Update: Still a no-go but there is a difference between the errors, specifically when on RPi OS, you can enter your credentials to login to Google Accounts, but it just doesn’t do anything whereas on Diet Pi it just gives you error while entering your password credentials that the browser is not secure.

Looks like I am going to have to figure out another solution. Thanks for the assistance!

It will not solve your issue but did you checked if Chromium is same version on DietPi as well as RPi OS?

FireFox is not an option?

Unfortunately I didn’t check the versions, however I was able to get the “This Browser is not secure” warning to go away on Diet Pi after removing the --temp-profile flag and replacing it with something else that I unfortunately cannot remember. I altered another flag on Diet Pi OS as well (which also got me a step further), but again I can’t remember exactly what it was.

In the end, it was a fruitless endeavor since I found many articles about Google removing the ability to log in and sync accounts on any browser other than Chrome back in the first quarter of the year.

Firefox is absolutely an option, however it would be quite a task getting everything moved over to Firefox (not to mention some options and features aren’t available on Firefox that are on Chrome). I also use the Vivaldi Browser on a daily basis, and since it’s based on Chromium I should be able to mirror much of my Chrome functions to it. It also has a TON of extra functionality that I love and use all the time (saving Sessions, stacking tabs [similar to Tab Grouping on Chrome], multiple pages open in one tab [grid], etc.) so that is more of an option than Firefox at the moment. The only issue that I can imagine running into with Vivaldi is it’s size and resource footprint on an SBC, but I will tackle that challenge another time. Any chance you guys are thinking about including Vivaldi as a browser-option on an upcoming release? :wink:

Any chance you guys are thinking about including Vivaldi as a browser-option on an upcoming release? > :wink:

Don’t think it will fit into next release :wink:
But feel free to open a PR on our Github to have it include :sunglasses:

Just wishful thinking! :stuck_out_tongue:

Pardon my lack of GitHub acronyms, but does ‘PR’ stand for ‘Pull Request’? Would I add a feature/software request through GitHub Pull Requests as well as FeatHub? Or would I add it through GitHub Issues as well as FeatHub?

Yes PR is a Pull Request. This is actually to add code to DietPi scripts. Means real coding :wink:

You could open your request via GitHub Issues as well as FeatHub request. But don’t expect a miracle.

Gotcha - so, for example, I have a few “suggestions” so I would create one ‘Pull Request’ for each item:

  1. AutoKey
  2. Vivaldi
  3. Webhookd
  4. Conky
    Then create a ‘FeatHub’ suggestion with a link to each ‘Pull Request’? I just don’t want to mess anything up on the Diet Pi GitHub page, or put anything anywhere that it shouldn’t be. :sunglasses:

Probably we misunderstood. Creating a PR would mean to add the new DietPi code already.

Best to create FeatHub request first if you like to add your software request. Than we will see how many join you.

My misunderstanding! The PR would be for the Chromium Issues, whereas the FeatHub and GitHub Issue creation would be for ‘Feature/Software Requests’. Understood!


any solution for this post

nothing we could change on DietPi side as the issue is with the Chromium package from global source. As well this is not a dedicated issue on DietPi as it’s same on other platform.