Changing IP of Webpages hosted on Pi

Hi. I currently have PiHole, transmission and own cloud installed as well as hosting a website from my raspberry pi running the latest version of diet pi.
I wish to have a different IP for each program. For example currently I access everything with (my rasberry pi IP) then /owncloud/pihole etc. Would I be able to set a different address for transmission web interface and own cloud? and if so how. Bearing in mind this is all in a LAN setting, the website however has an external IP as well. Also, is it possible to embed transmission into a webpage, sort of like a widget?


You can do this by using virtual hosts - are you using Lighttpd? If so there are numerous tutorial on this on the web. Same applies if using Apache2.

Transmission can be accessed by eg: http:/ (substitute your Pi’s IP address). I can


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Alright, thanks John I shall investigate virtual hosts, yes I use lighttpd.