Can't seem to move my Owncloud directory to an external HD

I’m trying to move my Owncloud data from /mnt/dietpi_userdata/ on the EMMC card to /mnt/harddrive_UUID/ on my 4tb external harddrive, but it seems that every option in dietpi creates a symlink that causes data to be copied to both the HD and EMMC directories, and without updating the owncloud config to point to the HD directory. I’ve tried moving my data using both ‘User Data Location’ from Dietpi-Software, and DietPi-Drive_Manager, but both exhibit the same behavior when doing so. I also don’t see any commands to update the data directory location using occ, and changing the ‘datadirectory’ line to the HD directory in config.php doesn’t seem to work either.

I just want to use my external harddrive for owncloud data storage, without having the data copied to my EMMC card as well, and I’ve been at this for nearly a whole day now. If anyone could point me in the right direction, I would greatly appreciate it. Thanks!

use dietpi-launcher then use the dietpi-drive_manager