Can't login, access denied (raspberry pi model B)

Fresh install of the latest dietpi image and I cannot login into headless mode.

I tried:

  1. Adding init=/bin/sh to reset from single user mode. I am seeing some messages on my little CRT monitor but are too small to see what is actually going on. Plugged in a usb keyboard and nothing happens, tried typing nothing at all.

  2. root/diepi, dietpi/dietpi once again nothing works

  3. Mounted the sd card on another system, tried to edit /etc/shadow but it looks like nothing standard is in there like “root:x:0:0:root:/root:/bin/bash”

Forget it, I re-installed the system into the sdcard, logged in with SSH and this time I let KiTTY re-log in by itself.

Hmm, possibly some SD card corruption. They are simply not made for long life :frowning:.