Can't log in to Koel?

So I’ve excitedly installed Koel, It’s running as I can get to the login page but it won’t log in using the details from the software list page on this forum, the little orange bar goes up a bit and the whole lot just sits on the login page.

Where can I capture logs to see what’s going wrong or is there an easy fix?

Hi Roth,

Just tried a fresh install to see if we could replicate, logs in ok, with no hang.

We can check PHP/webserver logs with:

cat /var/log/lighttpd/error.log
cat /var/log/php5-fpm.log

Lets check the Koel config aswell:

cat /var/www/koel/.env | grep -v '^#'

Thanks Dan,

I had the same issue on both piv1 and piv2 - just trying a fresh install on piv2.

Thanks for trouble shooting tips!

For reference the password is only dietpi if you haven’t already changed your root password (which I always do when I’m configuring dietpi.txt before first run).

Worked out by running:

cat /var/www/koel/.env | grep -v '^#'