Can't get rtorrent working again.


couple of days ago I downloaded DietPi and managed to set it up on a Pi4 to run rTorrent after an hour or so(I’m very new to Linux especially regarding terminals). Halfway downloading the test torrent, I got a “no connection to rTorrent” error message and spent a couple of hours trying to troubleshoot. Nothing that came up on google works so I decided to re-download and set up DietPi again. Only this time I cannot get it working again. I’ve spent 5 days trying googled solutions to problems that even remotely matches mine but nothing works.

Here’s a screenshot of the error messages on rutorrent:

Any help would be greatly appreciated.

I am having that exact same issue, and to top that off, the folder in reference doesn’t exist in /var/www.

I am having also exact the same problem.
I flash the last dietpi image new and just only install rutorrent.

+1, same issue…

Issue has been resolved for v6.27, see solution: